Money Transfer

One of our objectives at inception was to help Nigerians in Canada provide support to their families in Nigeria at the best value for their hard earned money. We have followed this very closely by also facilitating trade and business relationships between Canadian and Nigerian Companies who hitherto had no information on product availability in the respective countries. Our strategic alliance with reputable financial institutions in Nigeria, has made it possible for us to facilitate the repatriation of business proceeds that are held up by bureaucratic processes. Sending money transfers through Tradex, is fast, safe and secure. We guarantee that your family, friends and business partners will receive their funds in a timely manner with excellent customer service at our Partner bank Branch locations. You can also receive money in exchange for local currency. Contact our customer service staff for information. We offer Excellent exchange rates, a Convenient send and receive office location in Canada and Overseas,•It is a Fast, reliable & friendly service

Privatization Offerings

Privatization is geared to transform the Nigerian economy. Given the size of the population (120 million) and the potential market which includes the West African sub-region, the scope for foreign investment is enormous. Given the relative transparency and technical competence that has characterized the on-going programme, the attractions of the Nigerian economy for foreign investors has proved irresistible. We have remained foremost in mobilizing Nigerians to invest in numerous opportunities in Nigeria, particularly with the ongoing Federal Government privatization efforts. Contact us if you require additional information in this regard.

Capital and Money Market Investment

Are you attracted by the profit potentials of the stock market but worried about the risk of stock investing? Do you want to be guided on stock buying and stock selling strategies? You're not alone. Many will like to buy stocks but are scared because they don't understand the stock market. They hear about bullish stock markets and bearish markets, may understand the difference, but don't know which to expect. They worry about stock market fluctuations and share price movements and wonder how to safely navigate these swings of the market. Then there is the challenge of stock analysis and stock selection: how does an investor pick stocks that will prove to be profitable investments. Which stock investing strategy will pick stocks that will become winners? Obviously, stock investing is exciting, but also quite challenging, especially to the less-informed. Now, all that is about to change for you. Consult out team of consultants

Treasury Management

Market volatility means increased risks, but it also means new opportunities. Tradex financial Services can help you identify the potential benefits of market movements – as well as plan for the possible pitfalls. Our Treasury Management Services experts can tailor a program of services that your business needs today, and can provide ongoing support and consultation as your business grows. This is a fee-based consultancy service, where the cost is dependent on your specific requirements. Our advice will always remain impartial and objective, and we will always respect your existing banking relationships. We offer tailored advice to help you make the right decisions for your business. Our services range from identifying and evaluating the financial risks you face, developing a formal treasury policy, restructuring your treasury management processes and advising on when and at what price to execute your transactions, through to developing a fully comprehensive risk management strategy covering all your financial risks. As one of the nation's top treasury management providers, we can help you manage working capital more effectively and transition your receivables, payables, investments and information reporting activities from paper to electronic. Our expert risk management team has extensive experience in the financial markets. With backgrounds in accountancy, hedge fund management, derivatives trading and currency broking, they have the necessary expertise to determine the best risk management solutions for your business. We have experience in developing risk management strategies and treasury policies for a wide range of businesses across different industry sectors – from small, owner-run firms through to FTSE listed corporations. We can help you, whatever your size or background.

Financial Seminars Training

The financial system has undergone radical changes in recent years in Nigeria in line with the international standards. The changes have been driven by changes in the banking laws, developments in communication and information technology and the adoption of hi-tech in the business of banking. These have, in turn, brought about innovations in products and ideas, keen competition, diversity of institutions and new risks. The nature of the financial services and especially the way the players in the banking system conduct themselves and practice of banking is such that risk is misaligned and depositors tend to panic whenever there is a little sign of distress in the system. Furthermore, the urge for high returns and competitive edge has kept operators on their toes thereby making some to cut corners and engage in other sharp practices. All these, pose a huge challenge to the regulatory authorities as they are called upon to restore confidence in the financial system by a more proactive, efficient and effective surveillance Our seminars are focused on educating individuals and families on how they can make healthy financial decisions that will have a positive impact on their lives. Each one is tailored to a specific group so it keeps the material fun and engaging
  How to Send Money
  • Visit Tradex Office
  • Fill out a send money form
  • Make sure that the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
  • Hand over amount to be transferred plus transfer charges
  • Give the beneficiary the unique 5 digit Code number with prefix
  How to Receive Money
  • Visit Tradex Office
  • Fill out the receive form and include details of sender
  • Hand over official photo ID


Providing excellent service is essentially putting our clients first. We keep ourselves available 'round the clock and respond quickly to our customers’ needs. We are interested in forming long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This is the reason our existing clients keep coming back and referring clients for our excellent services. Our core competencies differentiate us from our competition and these values have given us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Through effective harmonization of our modern technological tools, our human assets and expertise, we are able to deliver value added services to our customers. Below are reasons for using our services.

Market Knowledge
  • We have fundamental knowledge of types of investments that suit the needs of our customers
  • We have knowledge of operations, business systems and processes
  • We have proper knowledge and understanding of compliance and correspondence policies
  • We identify and recognize business development opportunities
  • We adopt a professional approach to servicing our customers
  • We do what we say we can do- Our word is always our bond
  • We willingly and consistently adhere to the ethics of our industry
  • We adhere to moral and ethical principles.
  • We always act in the best interest of our customers.
  • We have extensive training to meet the needs of our customers
  • We provide service delivery that meets global standards and expectations
  • We provide personalized service to our consistently growing customer base
  • We put to use modern technologically based solutions to our customer needs
  • We provide the personalized service of a small organization but are large enough to handle your biggest projects
  • We have over a decade of experience in Financial Services Delivery
  • We provide consistently high quality, effective financial services and products
  • We deliver within timelines that are acceptable, and usually next day
  • We care about giving you the product that would optimize value for your money
  • Our approachable, experienced staff are on-hand and accessible to you throughout the day
  • We use the most reliable payment methods available, ensuring that your funds are transferred as quickly and securely as possible