Our Team

Tradex Financial Services firmly believes in a customer centric approach, a cornerstone in the company’s quest for excellence. Our strong team understands the needs of the consumers in this dynamic industry and focuses its efforts to surpass customer expectations every time


Emmanuel Emordi is a leading financial consultant with over 20 years diverse experience in Banking and Finance with various banking institutions in England, Nigeria and Canada.

With strong knowledge of cash and accrual accounting systems, he managed the accounting department of then ThisWeek magazine in Nigeria, with budgets ranging from equivalents of $2-$5m dollars and was able to achieve significant expense reductions, transforming the business into a profit making Venture while improving staff morale and client confidence.

In 1986, Emmanuel started his banking career as a pioneer staff of the then Fidelity Union Merchant Bank as a treasury officer where he played a very active role in setting up the treasury Department and the formation of the Nigerian Momey Market Associstion. He raised funds for the bank through various money market instruments and ensuring the liquidity of the bank. He moved on to Ivory Merchant Bank in 1990 where he set up the treasury department and equally trained staff of the department. His exceptional Performance necessitated his movement to Aba as the lead team to set up a branch of the bank. This was successfully done with the branch running at full capacity. After a two year stint in Aba, he moved on to Group Merchant Bank, where he headed the Treasury department supervising both the Local Money Market and foreign exchange units. He was equally the secretary to the Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO) where he advised the executive management on the entire aspects of the Asset and liability structure of the bank, ensuring performance consistent with the bank’s liquidity, capital adequacy, and growth, risk and profitability goals. He was later moved as a Senior Manager to create the Credit risk Management department of the bank where he established common standards for identification and management of non-retail lending operations, ensuring due diligence requirements and that all conditions precedent were met before disbursement. In 1996, as a result of imminent banking crisis in the Nigerian economy, he ventured into Private entrepreneurship and set up Boursecorp Financial Services, where he put to play all his acquired skills of foreign exchange trading and management to use. Located in Victoria Island, Boursecorp soon became a household name in the foreign exchange service industry

In 1998, in quest for greener pastures, he migrated to Canada with his family and worked with various financial institutions, building up his Canadian experience in the Financial Services Industry. He rose to the positions of Personal Banker and Financial Advisor, managing a portfolio of clients’ investment of over $500m Emmanuel holds a Masters degree in Banking and finance from University Of Lagos and a first degree in Banking and Finance from London University in England. He has attended various courses in Accounting and Finance, Retail banking, Derivatives Trading, capital markets, Banking Operations, Audit and Compliance, Risk management, in London,New York , Miami, Mexico including the famous Bousegame simulation in Singapore. An Associate Menber of the Chartered Institute Of Bankers In Nigeria and England He is currently the Founder and President of Tradex Financial Services Inc. Toronto Canada

Compliance & Integrity

We know the value of your money and trust. This is why security has always been our top priority, and we make every effort to ensure that your money is safe and reaches your family when they need it the most. We continuously update our systems and technology and we give our staff all the support they need to ensure uniform adherence to worldwide standards. Our quality checks and controls are in-line with global security standards so that our network stays error-free and secure.

In accordance with the PCMLTFA, Tradex Financial Services is registered under the FINTRAC and supports the fight against money laundering and terrorism and ensures its money transfer services are not used for any criminal activities. Tradex guarantees a safe and secure mode of having funds sent for its clients within days at a very reasonable rate and maintains strict confidentiality of all dealings, with the exception of its Co-operation with the law enforcement authorities, when necessary.

A copy of AML guide is accessible to all employees of Tradex and it is mandatory that every staff read and understand its contents and ensure compliance.